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Baby Turtle Bodyworks offers massage therapy in which Western therapeutic techniques are informed by traditional Asian healing philosophies. We integrate different massage styles, including deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu and Thai massage, tailoring treatments to the specific needs of our clients.

At Baby Turtle Bodyworks, we believe that health and wellbeing shouldn’t be luxury items. We bring the highest level of professional skill and knowledge to our clients at very competitive rates, helping them to enjoy soundness of mind and body.

• Deep Tissue: Slow massage targeting deep muscle areas. Ideal for athletes or those recovering from injury.

• Russian Sports Massage: Fast strokes that increase circulation and provide heat to targeted areas. Often used to complement athletic training, Russian Sports Massage provides an invigorating alternative to Deep Tissue.

• Zen Touch Shiatsu: A Japanese bodywork technique that focuses on balancing the kyo (empty) and jitsu (full) energies of the body. A nurturing style of massage that promotes well being and balance.

• Parasympathetic Massage: Stimulation of the ‘rest and digest’ branch of the nervous system. Encourages patterns of brain activity associated with relaxation and healing.

• Trigger Point Therapy: A variety of massage techniques targeting the nodules of tension that refer pain to other areas.

• PNF: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. Assisted stretching that increases the range of motion of specific muscle groups. Increases flexibility and improves posture.

• Hydrotherapy: The ancient art of using water to heat and cool the body. An indulgent way to refresh skin and detoxify the system.

• Thai Traditional Massage: A vigorous style of bodywork that uses compression and facilitated Thai Yoga stretches. An integral part of the Thai medical tradition, this is an intense and rewarding experience.

Baby Turtle Bodyworks also provides on-site chair massage directly to your office. A popular alternative to massage on a table, chair massage targets the back, neck and shoulders, providing a thorough treatment in as few as 15 minutes. This is ideal for people who want to squeeze a massage into their lunch break, or for people who run an office and want to keep their staff happy and productive.


Whilst massage is typically done by a trained professional, the basics can be learnt in a few short sessions and put into practice in your own home. In the class, you will learn about different massage disciplines, their origins, and the basic techniques that lie at their core. You will develop your sense of touch, create a new form of intimacy with your partner, and learn how massage can play a vital role in your combined lifestyles

Massage Practitioner (500 Hours) – School of Healing Arts, San Diego, USA

General and Advanced Thai Massage – Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand

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