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Do I have to subscribe?
There is no subscription required. There is no obligation to continue after posting your ad. You can remove your ad at anytime. See terms and conditions.

Are you an agency?
No we are not an agency, we are a directory. London555 is purely a platform for advertisers and has no involvement in the services or products that an advertiser offers.

How long will it take to post my ad?
Your ad is sent to our admin department as soon as you have submitted it. It then gets reviewed for content by our team. Once approved, your ad will be posted.

When will I receive my Log in details?
You will receive your Log in details within 24 hours.

How will I receive my Log in details?
You will be sent your Log in details by both email and text.

I haven’t received my Log in details how do I get them?
If you still have not received your Log in details contact us directly. We are always here to help.

I have forgotten my log in details how can I get them?
If you have forgotten your Log in details simply contact us, and we can reset them for you.

I posted my ad but it has not appeared what shall I do?
If your ad has not appeared contact us, there maybe queries pending your post.

Why can’t I upload my picture?
Sometimes technology can let us down, if you are having difficulty contact our team

What if I go on holiday?
We at London555 believe that you deserve some time off to relax. If you are going away let us know so we can pause your ad and avoid business calls on your ‘Me’ time. When you want to continue your ad again just let us know and we can continue your ad.

Can I advertise?
We provide an advertising platform for the Massage, Health & Beauty industry. Do you fall into that category? GREAT! If you don’t then you can still advertise YES! We have a space for you too! Simply contact us and we will talk you through everything.

What if I get approached for a sexual service?
We do not promote any sexual services on our website. We STRICTLY do not list any adult content, escort services or any other sexual trade. You have every right to refuse any sexual advances. We are not liable for individual actions. See terms and conditions.

I need help posting my ad how do I contact you?
We have a number of different ways for our advertisers to contact us. See our Contact us page. Alternatively you can find our details at the top of our homepage.


I contacted someone but they didn’t respond what shall I do?
Sometimes they may not be able to attend to your call as they are busy with clients. You may want to leave them a text message or a voicemail. Please note once again we do not take responsibility for individual actions.

How can I find out more about the services that an advertiser provides?
If you want more information or are unsure of something contact them directly on the details they have provided.

If you have any other questions that may not be listed on our FAQ’s page please get in touch. We STRICTLY forbid any promotion of sexual services on our site. We are not liable for individual actions. See terms and conditions. For any other queries you can call us or see our Terms and Conditions before posting an advertisement.

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